How to win the war?

I was teaching second grade a few years ago, and I asked the class if Joshua had a good battle strategy.  They had heard the story so many times that they were a bit callous to the fact that God’s plan, from a human perspective, was crazy.   So, imagine a war strategy session today where … Read more

#FearNot: Hagar’s Journey

Up until this year, I have always considered “Fear Not!” the angel’s greeting.  You see an angel and feel fear; the angel reassures you.  Right?? No, Fear Not is the most repeated command in the Bible (see last post).  God commands us not to have fear when all looks lost.  I meant to keep writing … Read more

#FearNot: Abraham’s Journey

I’ve always heard that do not be afraid was in the Bible 365 times.  It’s not, by the way; but it is repeated many times.  According to, “fear not” is not the greatest commandment, but it is the most repeated.  Why?  Why does God tell us to fear not, and what is there for … Read more


Did you know that a chicken egg can be unrefrigerated for 2 months without going bad?  Wait, you say, why do grocery stores waste electricity on refrigeration for eggs?  Ah, you see, grocery store eggs are pressure washed to reduce the chance of bacteria.  In the process, the shell is weakened.  Once your shell is … Read more

Seventy Seven Times

Back to the uncomfortable zone.  For a few weeks now, I’ve been prompted to write about my experience with PTSD.  I’ve put it off, prayed about it, discussed it, and tested it.  By tested it, I mean that I, in Christian terminology, put down a fleece.  For the past few weeks, I’ve been thinking about … Read more

Certificate of Authenticity

Recently, I have downloaded an app to record the legacy of the antiques we inherited. With antiques, the seal on the bottom or maker’s mark can greatly vary the pricing. Two items that are seemingly the same may be priced completely differently. One is priceless, and the other has the seal that makes it valuable. … Read more

A Growing Hunger

Have you ever witnessed a teenage boy eating?  It seems that we have just had dinner, and my son is hungry again.  I’ve seen him eat 3 pork chops at one meal and an entire small pizza at another.  It seems to me that he just can’t get enough to satisfy.  You see, he is … Read more

Blessings on a Bookshelf

We are avid readers and have amassed quite a library.  A few weeks ago, the need to pare down the collection became apparent. Where to start?  We went through many books – purging some, storing some, and keeping some on the primary book cases.  It was then that I saw it, a small collection of … Read more