The Journey: What Would I Do If I Could Not Fail?

We have all likely heard the question, “What would I do if I could not fail?”  Often, it’s in inspirational contexts where you are dreaming of how something can be.  But, what if you REALLY couldn’t fail?  What if God, Himself, guaranteed the outcome? Moses had that assurance.  In Exodus 3, God tells Moses about […]

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When We Don’t See What We Need to See

During difficult times in my life, I have made sense of the situation through poetry and song.  Writing has always been central to processing emotion.  It’s like the feelings go from the end of the pen on to the paper.  Some topics flow well.  When things are really, really difficult, I stop processing.  The words […]

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The View from a Mountaintop

There’s something about a mountaintop experience – literally and figuratively.  Epiphanies happen on the mountaintop, and you can see things that you couldn’t see before.  The primary challenge with a mountain top experience endures – at some point you have to return to the valley. Exodus 31:18 – Exodus 32:1, Exodus 32:7 18 When the Lord finished speaking […]