The heartbeat courses through nature deafening all other noises, palpable, alive.  God examines his creation, sees His handiwork, and declares that creation is good.  Creator and His created connect and together cycle through day and night, night and day, day and night, night and day, thu-thump, thu-thump, thu-thump.  His joy, His perfection, and His holiness sustain life; His heartbeat lives in creation.  The vine fully connects with its branches and fruit abounds.   Creation flourishes, replicates, and the God’s heart beat crescendos through His marvelous creation.

Microcellular mitochondria provide energy to cells.  Plants pulse with chlorophyll to replenish the life giving energy.  Within the animals, the hearts beat rhythmically.  Adam and Eve emerge in Paradise with their heart beats reminiscent of God and of his creation.  They know love without shame and speak with God.  The heartbeat of God felt strongly in Eden as all of creation turns within the perfect cycle of creation.  Bliss.  God rests with the heartbeat of creation in perfect rhythm — day and night, day and night.

God gave to creation His knowledge of good and evil; the life sustaining knowledge that creation received by remaining part of the heartbeat.  At the center of Eden, God declares his creation as good. Then, creation desired to improve upon its creator.  The desire of the created heart struggles to not move in rhythm with the creator but to set one’s own rhythm.  Without God’s heartbeat, death awaits.

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